A Guys Perspective On Cheating

“Cheating is a definite no go.”- Cam age 17

“It is very bad”-Ehan 18

“I’m a strong supporter of it”- Brady age 18

“It is definitely a deal breaker”- Tyler age 20

“It is absolutely horrible and unacceptable”- Lachlan age 20

“I think it depends on the situation”- Anonymous

“I think everyone should have it happen to them and do it. It builds character of a person once you’ve experienced it. You appreciate little things more, you care less about misfortunes and you realize what you really want.” – Mike age 20

“I don’t really have experience with it on either side so it’s hard to say, but I am definitely against it. I feel like its more tempting for people who don’t like commitment, but if you are in a relationship you should ne thinking of more than just yourself, at least in my opinion that’s what it means to care about someone. I don’t expect anyone in a relationship to never be attracted to someone else, I think that is pretty normal, but to me a physical experience with someone else doesn’t even come close to worth risking the trust and emotional relationship you should have with your significant other. If you do cheat at least be man enough to admit you hurt someone else, and don’t try to pretend that what you did or are doing is ok because its not.”- Kyle age 27


PC: https://www.pinterest.com/alsieta/my-quotes-i-love/



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