The Struggle of Being A Secret Hopeless Romantic

Every little girl grows up dreaming of the day when prince charming will enter her life, sweep her off her feet, and they will live happily ever after. I for one have always called BS on the whole fairytale idea. To me the idea of my prince charming finding me one day seems implausible. It is a daily struggle between the strong desire to have someone that you can call your own, and the overwhelming need to be strong and independent. It is too often that I find myself pushing people away and acting as if I don’t care, when I reality I care way more than I want to let on. I am not the type of person who likes to admit that I would go weak in the knees if someone showed up with flowers, or that my day would be made with a simple good morning text. I prefer to be the type of girl who is laid back and rolls with the punches, not getting too emotionally invested, and acting very nonchalant about any potential suitor. Personally I think I keep my hopeless romantic side a secret because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment and end up a broken hearted girl.



Some signs that you are a secret hopeless romantic include:

  1. Watching romantic comedies or Nicholas Sparks movies and intensely rolling your eyes while secretly fantasizing about finding a love like they show in the movies.
  2. Seeing cute couples exchange public displays of affection and rolling your eyes feeling slightly nauseated while secretly hoping that you will one day have someone to hold your hand or kiss you not caring if anyone is looking.
  3. If someone shows interest in you, you act as cool as a cucumber to your friends but in the inside you are secretly hoping that it works out.
  4. Acting very rational when talking about your love life while secretly you are overwhelmed with emotion.
  5. When you are actually interested in someone it takes every fiber in your being to not text them or Snapchat them excessively, or reply immediately.
  6. The constant fear of acting too interested
  7. The problem of trying to play it cool and accidentally friend zoning someone you are seriously crushing on
  8. When they start showing interest and affection you get scared that thing wont work out so you push them away, secretly hoping that they wont let you.



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