Popular Phrases

  1. Hit It and Quit it

What this means: The Phrase “Hit it and quit it” means you hookup with someone and then move on to the next person or cease all communication with each other

Who is this most used by? Guys ages 18-25


  1. “Too easy”

What this means: This isn’t a challenge and takes zero effort. Basically an easy hookup with absolutely no feelings or strings attached

Who is this most used by? Guys who engage in one-night stands… This is referring to the girls who are almost always down to get down

  1. Catching feelings

What this means: People try to avoid this at all costs especially when it comes to college relationship. Catching feelings means that you have a casual relationship but you start to develop real feelings for the person.

Who is this most used by? Used by both guys and girls, typically used more by the female population

  1. Swipe right material

What this means: people who frequent Tinder and see someone attractive that they would like to hook up.

Who is the most used by? People from the millennial generation that frequent Tinder.

  1. She’s My Trap Queen

What this means: Taken from the every popular song Trap Queen, this is used when referring to a girl that you can see yourself with long term. She is typically smart, beautiful, and charming.

Who is this most used by? College aged boys




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