Modern Day Dating Dictionary


Tinder: The easiest way to have a casual hook up with no strings attached. This is an app that is purely based on looks.


Tinderella: an attractive girl that is found on tinder


Netflix and Chill: when you are invited over to watch Netflix however you end up never actually watching the show. This is a causal way of hanging out without having to provide any form of commitment.


Ghosting: When you just completely cease all forms of communication with the person that you have been seeing, in hopes that they will get the hint. This is the most passive way of breaking things off with someone.


Open Relationship: This is becoming extremely popular in modern day society. This form of relationship is when two people agree that they want to be together however they can’t promise that they won’t see other people. This allows people to have a significant other without giving up the freedom to see other people.


Bae: a more casual way of saying babe or baby. This is typically used when referring to a love interest.


143: an extremely lazy/casual way of saying I love you. This represents the number of letters in each word.


FWB: Friends with Benefits


Talking: when two people are not exclusive and have yet to define their relationship.


DTR: Define the relationship


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