Living in the Age of Netflix and Chill


Chivalry is dead… yes that is the unfortunate outlook on romance in the 21st century. We have officially entered the era of f**kboys, tinderellas and easy hookups. One night stands used to be taboo, however these days that is all that anyone seems to be doing, with apps such as tinder, bumble, etc. hooking up has simply become too easy. Before you are even finished with one person you are already swiping to the next literally.

We used to watch movies such as Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached but even those are skewed portrayals of the dating scene. The one glaring difference between the situations in those movies and reality is that in the movies the characters fall hopelessly in love with each other, realize they want to be exclusive and live happily after ever.

Ladies I hate to break it to you but this is simply not reality. Guys are simple the one thing most of them have on their mind is sex, and if they aren’t getting it from you they will find someone else; however it is a double-edged sword because if you give it up too easily you are just another notch on their belt. Dating is hard, guys can be the worst, but we have the power to change that. Don’t be a tinderella, set standards and know your self worth. Don’t be that girl that settles for Netflix and Chill, turn the tables on him and demand amazon prime and commitment.


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