Living in the Age of Netflix and Chill


Chivalry is dead… yes that is the unfortunate outlook on romance in the 21st century. We have officially entered the era of f**kboys, tinderellas and easy hookups. One night stands used to be taboo, however these days that is all that anyone seems to be doing, with apps such as tinder, bumble, etc. hooking up has simply become too easy. Before you are even finished with one person you are already swiping to the next literally.

We used to watch movies such as Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached but even those are skewed portrayals of the dating scene. The one glaring difference between the situations in those movies and reality is that in the movies the characters fall hopelessly in love with each other, realize they want to be exclusive and live happily after ever.

Ladies I hate to break it to you but this is simply not reality. Guys are simple the one thing most of them have on their mind is sex, and if they aren’t getting it from you they will find someone else; however it is a double-edged sword because if you give it up too easily you are just another notch on their belt. Dating is hard, guys can be the worst, but we have the power to change that. Don’t be a tinderella, set standards and know your self worth. Don’t be that girl that settles for Netflix and Chill, turn the tables on him and demand amazon prime and commitment.


Top 5 Turn Offs from a Guy’ s Perspective

I asked seven guys ranging in age from 27 to 17 what their top five turn offs in girls were. There were a lot of similarities between the responses, however the younger boys were more focused on aesthetics where as the older guys focused more on personality traits, however many agree that unintelligence is overall unattractive.


  1. Bad attitude
  2. Poor manors
  3. Lack of intelligence
  4. Lack of understanding/compromise
  5. Constant complaining

-Mike age 20

  1. Fake (especially a fake overenthusiastic laugh)
  2. Pretending to act ditsy
  3. Being stuck up
  4. Unwilling to compromise
  5. Unable to carry a conversation

-Kyle age 27

  1. Poor Hygiene
  2. Talks too much
  3. High maintenance
  4. Mean/rude
  5. Unintelligent

-Cameron age 17

  1. Unattractive
  2. Unintelligent
  3. Fat
  4. Too tall
  5. Talks too much

-Brady age 17

  1. Unattractive
  2. Unintelligent
  3. Loud
  4. Fat
  5. High maintenance

-Ehan age 18

  1. Unintelligence
  2. Lacking a sense of humor
  3. Facial hair
  4. Poor hygiene
  5. Stuck up/not being down to earth

-Terence age 22

  1. Smoking cigarettes
  2. Annoying voice
  3. No sense of humor
  4. Bad breath
  5. Unattractive

-Dom age 20



Single Girls Guide To Valentines Day

To quote the great Carrie Bradshaw “Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just the people to have fun with”.

How to survive Valentines Day when you are single

  1. Love Yourself

If you find yourself baeless this Valentines day, don’t worry just take the time to show yourself some extra love. Who said you need a guy to buy you flowers and chocolate? If you are a strong independent woman you can celebrate by buying yourself some beautiful flowers and all the chocolate you want.

  1. Celebrate With Friends

Who said Valentines Day is just for couples? Valentines day is all about celebrating relationships, which includes friendships and your family. If you find yourself alone this Valentines Day don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself, call the girls and make plans.

  1. Have a Karaoke Night

While you are waiting patiently for your prince charming you might as well have fun. You may not have the voice of an angel but sometimes singing some of your favorite songs with your girlfriends is a great way to spend the night.

  1. Make Sure That You Have Plenty of Chocolate and Wine

There is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing while enjoying the finer things in life.

  1. Don’t Look at Social Media

Try to avoid all forms of social media, unless you want to see the ridiculously cheesy couple posts that will be clogging up your news feed all weekend.

  1. Just remember your time will come

It may feel like you will never find love, but just remember you don’t find love, love finds you, and no matter what you will ALWAYS have your girlfriends.


Bonus: Perks Of Not Having A Valentine

  1. You don’t need to agonize over finding the right gift
  2. You don’t need to spend hours finding the perfect date night outfit
  3. You don’t need to think of a clever caption for your couple picture
  4. You don’t have to shave
  5. You can eat all the chocolate you want without any judgment
  6. You get to pick how you spend the night
  7. You can drink all the wine you want
  8. You don’t have to brave the cold or God forbid the snow
  9. You can spend the entire night in your sweats

Can Guys and Girls Really Just Be Friends?

By: Daley Keator

To quote one of the greatest romantic movies of all times “Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way”. The question if guys and girls can really just be friends has been debated for decades, but to answer this age old question in my experience the answer is yes. Growing up with a brother a mere two years younger I spent a good part of my childhood building snow forts and playing in the woods until dark with the boys. When you are young you don’t think about the gender of your playmates, its just simple you enjoy hanging out with them and having fun. Once middle school hits the game changes and things begin to get a little more complicated; suddenly people start cracking jokes that you have a crush on the boy that you have innocently enjoyed hanging out with for years.

Then comes high school. Throughout high school I had a lot of friends both guys and girls, however my best friend just so happened to be a boy. Lachlan and I were friendly in middle school however it wasn’t until freshman year that our friendship really began to develop. Our moms had been friends for years but we always kind of did our own thing until the fateful summer when he missed soccer tryouts and decided to spend his fall on the rowing team with me. Somehow between our love of the sport, and spending almost every day together our personalities clicked and we became best friends. I never once thought of our relationship as strange, in my mind he was my unbiological brother. We would talk about everything; he was always there to listen to me if I was having a bad day, and vice versa. We would spend our time hanging out at each other’s houses, grabbing dinner, going on adventures, and driving down to the lake just to sit and talk about the future. Our friendship was solid, and while to others it may have seemed strange, it worked for us.

Being the girl I didn’t care about being in my sweats with messy hair and no make-up, I didn’t even care if he saw me ugly crying (as my family likes to put it when I’m upset there is a lot of liquid involved) meaning that I not only have tears streaming down my face, but it also involves snot and drool. He never worried about the way he looked either; he knew he didn’t need to pull out a button down and Khakis for me, and that I was fine with his gym shorts and zip ups. Everything was completely normal to me until one night my junior year in high school when I was hanging out with my girlfriends and suddenly one of them blurted out “We have been wondering what are you and Lachlan”. I was completely caught off guard by this question; I responded with a direct “we are best friends… why?” She quickly responded how we had been spending a lot of time together and that it seemed strange, but then in the next breathe she asked me if I could put in a good word for her.

Despite people questioning our relationship things didn’t change between us, and my response was always clear we love each other dearly but we are not and never will be in love with each other. I can honestly say that neither one of us has ever thought about the other in a romantic way which is a defining characteristic in our relationship. We continue to give each other tough love, support each other’s dreams, and cheer each other on. Senior year he met his soul mate and while that took some getting used to because I didn’t have him around all the time anymore, they are a disgustingly cute couple and I honestly couldn’t picture him with anyone else.

To this day he is still the one of the first people I text when something good, or bad happens, I go to him for advice constantly, and he never fails to put a smile on my face. He is my family and that is one thing that will never change. I continue to force him out of his comfort zone and he will always remain a calming levelheaded figure in my life. For many this concept is foreign and seems impossible, and maybe I did just get lucky, but in my opinion I believe that guys and girls can be platonic friends.